Experience the Freedom of Mobility with Our Bike Sharing Platform

Local bike rental stores are being out-competed by shared mobility corporations. Go Cycle is revolutionizing the bike rental industry by providing an open platform for anyone to rent their bike with just a GPS tracked smart lock.

This gives local bike rental stores access to the shared mobility market and the ability to compete at equal footing. With our platform, local bike rental stores can list their bikes and make them available to any passerby.

Go Cycle is committed to not only helping local bike rental stores stay in business but also help them achieve growth.

How to get started

  • Step 1 - Order

    Order our GPS tracked smart lock. The lock will connect to our app and make it possible to track the location of the bike and unlock it through your phone. It will automatically connect to our platform once you attach it to your bike.

  • Step 2 - Web panel

    Once you have added the locks to your bikes, you will be given access to our backend web panel. This panel will allow you to easily manage your bikes and follow any repairs that may be needed.

  • Step 3 - Marketing

    You can now attach our marketing materials to the bikes to make them more visible to potential customers. Our marketing materials will make the bikes more vissble and threby attract more customers.

  • Step 4 - Growth

    Final step is placing bikes we recommend high traffic locations such as parks, turrist atractions, and city centers which are often frequented by large numbers of people, this in turn will lead to an increase in rentals and thereby maximize your earnings.

The Go Cycle Blog


Q: How do I charge the lock?
A: You can charge the lock either through solar or with a dynamo or USB.

Q: Is the lock compatible with all bikes?
A: Yes, the lock is compatible with all bikes.

Q: How long is the battery life?
A: The battery life of the lock is up to 35 days.

Q: Do I have to provide my own SIM card in order for the lock to function?
A: No, we provide a SIM card for the lock to function.

Q: Are users on the platform ID verified?
A: Yes, all users on the platform are ID verified for security purposes.

Q: Can I take my bike off the platform?
A: Yes, you can take your bike off the platform at any time.

Q: Is the bike insured?
A: No, you will need to provide your own insurance for the bike, but our GPS tracking system makes the bikes very safe.

Q: Is there a limited amount of bikes needed in order to access the platform?
A: No, you can access the platform regardless of how many bikes you have.

The 4 C's

  • Community

    We believe in preserving the local bike rental industry and giving local stores a fighting chance. We understand the importance of local businesses and we are dedicated to helping them stay in business and remain part of the bike rental industry.

  • Convenience

    We are committed to making bike rental easy and accessible for everyone. Our goal is to provide customers with a simple and convenient way to rent a bike without having to visit a local store. We understand the importance of convenience and we strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable and hassle-free bike rental experience.

  • Creativity

    At Go Cycle, we are always looking for new and creative ways to make bike rental easier and more enjoyable for our customers. We believe that innovation is key to providing customers with an enjoyable bike rental experience and we are committed to finding new and innovative solutions to make renting a bike easier and more convenient. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide our customers with the best bike rental experience possible.

  • Consciousness

    At Go Cycle, we understand the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and making bike rental as eco-friendly as possible. We strive to use energy efficient solutions and take measures to reduce our environmental impact. We are dedicated to making bike rental more sustainable and doing our part to protect the environment.